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Wuxi Huishan Automatic Controller Co., Ltd is a world-renowned technology company which specialized in heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Established in 1998, it has spread its business over more than 60 countries in Europe, Americas and Southeast Asia.


Over the development of 2 0 years, the company has constructed a standard modern factory of more than 6 0 0 0 square meter with advanced machinery and laboratories. Almost 1 3 0 employees are working here, among whom one-third are technical staff.


Now we have passed the qualification of I S O 9 0 0 1. Its thermostatic radiator valve has been acknowledged by E N 2 1 5, making it famous in this field. Other products have been acknowledged by C E, R o H S, R E A C H. Meanwhile, the products have attained a multitude of patents in practicality and design.


For years, we are providing intelligent solutions for heating and refrigerating systems like central air conditioning, radiant floor heating, fan coils, energy-saving control, smart home and building energy conservation.


At the same time, the company provides services like the developing and transferring of sensor-based internet of things and intelligent identification, designing and installing of the program on intelligent building control, and developing and manufacturing of general machinery and parts, electronic components and auto control system.


We are offering O E M and O D M service for customers and looking forward to the further cooperation with you.


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